Did you know that over 20 volunteers give up hundred of hours every year to provide football for almost 200 children from Fairford, Lechlade and the surrounding areas?

Hundreds of hours that stretch far beyond the football pitch on a Sunday.

To hours spent in front of computers dealing with registering players, arranging fixtures, hours spent on training courses to gain qualifications to help your child get the most from their time playing football, hours attending Club meetings, league meetings, hours spent planning coaching sessions, thinking about the best way to support each and every child on their football journey.

This time is given gladly, for the love of the game and in the interest of the children.

So imagine my shock to learn that a coach at Fairford would be on the receiving end of verbal abuse, and a threat of physical violence.

From one of our own player’s parents.

I want to be very clear that this kind of behaviour has no place at Fairford Youth Football Club, and will not be tolerated. The Club has a zero tolerance policy on this.

This kind of behaviour outside of football would result in police involvement, so what makes it acceptable in our football club?

There are many, many positives within Fairford Youth Football Club and so it is disappointing to have to write to you all on such a negative subject.

I would hope that you would all agree with me, and the rest of the Club’s committee and coaches that this kind of behaviour has no place in our, or any other football club or youth organisation.

Everyone connected to the Club, coach, committee member, player, parent, grandparent, guardian, deserves respect.

Fairford Youth Football Club must be a fun, safe, inclusive environment for all. And this can only be done with respect.

We only do positive.


Adam Sloman
Fairford Youth Football Club