I was approached in 2012 to become Chairman of the youth football club by Tony Warrington, Jason New and Mike Jeans after I had been a local councillor for many years.

When I took over I made sure that everyone involved in the club could see and understand the financial running of the club and where and what the money was being spent on.

Some of the highlights over the years were to improve the standard of the kitchen, Improve the level of the coaching requirements, both with grant support. We as a club have also seen the level of money in the bank increase from a low 4 figure to 5 and I am pleased that this is the case. We have also had moneys spent on the pitches over a number of years and unfortunately this has not resulted in the expected playing condition that we were hoping for.

This season I have had to negotiate with the County Council regarding the cost for using the Coln House field pitches and also with CHQ for the use of their playing pitch in Hatherop for the under 15’s. By doing this we have been able to reduce the level of football matches being played at Horcott therefore the pitches are in a better condition. This will need to be done for the coming seasons.

The Belgium exchange has also continued with succession over the years and as this has been an event happening for over 30 years, long may this continue. As there is a cost allocated to this, the overall experience for the children is fantastic for their development and the organization is key for this to happen.

I have enjoyed my time at the club as Chairman and I have had the opportunity to work with the support of the committee members. It is now time for me to hand over the responsibility to somebody new.

Remember it is your club and the committee are there to act upon what your needs are to move the club forward.