So after another successful week at training I mainly wanted to reflect on inclusive grass root football.

My faith in humanity was restored when through kindness and generosity we were fortunate enough to have two visually impaired footballs donated to the team.

One of my lads has some visual impairment (you can learn more here) and his parents were struggling to find a club that could or would meet his needs.

After some research I found that size 3 audible footballs are used in visually impaired cricket and this led me to Marc Gulwell and the Insight Glos Charity.

Marc was kind enough to send me two balls and some quick googling helped me to adapt the drills and he appeared to have a great time.

It’s this that really matters, it was chilly and yet the kids gave it their all.

They worked together,played and had fun. With a bit of extra thought everyone was included and had a turn at all the drills.

I hope I’m doing a reasonable job for the littlies and I must admit I’m really beginning to enjoy it instead of being filled with worry that our session won’t be fun enough or good enough.

I’m looking forward to playing “Wacky Races” and “Hit the coach” this week!

Fingers crossed for some sunshine. Look forward to seeing you allĀ on Sunday!