Club Ethos

Fairford Youth Football Club (FYFC) was formed in 1976 and over 40 years later, the Club continues to provide youth community football for over 200 children from Fairford and the surrounding towns and villages.

If we were to sum up our Club Ethos it would be one, simple word.


On the pitch

At FYFC all children are welcome.
Regardless of experience, or ability, all children are welcome to get involved.
We do not believe in ‘A’ teams, or ‘Development’ teams – we believe that all children should play together, and all children can learn from one another – all children have value and bring something to their team.

We will never hold ‘trials’ – if your son or daughter wants to play football, that’s all it takes – children face enough pressure in life without being judged on their footballing ‘ability’ – we believe that football should, first and foremost be fun – being part of a football team is a superb way to develop life-long friendships, develop vital social, communication and team-work skills and establish a positive relationship with physical exercise.

Our teams compete in the North Wilts Youth Football League – genuine, local, grassroots football where the Children come first.

Our aim is to have as many children involved as our volunteer coaching team can support. When ages groups reach capacity, we commit to maintaining waiting lists and as soon as capacity allows, welcome these children into their Club. Alongside this we aim to add additional teams when additional volunteers join the Club.

As the children transition to competitive football, we will endeavour to keep all children involved in matches, coaching and all activities offered by the Club.

Our coaches will do their upmost to support the physical and mental well-being of your children, alongside their footballing journey. This is in line with the FA’s four corners model, that puts equal importance of the areas of technical, physical, psychological and social development .
We will ensure that every team, at all levels, has a minimum of an FA Level One coaching qualification (or equivalent).

The Price of Football

Our aim is to make football affordable. This means keeping our registration fees to a minimum – FYFC will never expect parents to pay £50-£60 a month for their children to play football and we will never expect parents to pay for kit. The Club has a hardship policy in place for those Children who might otherwise be excluded by cost, and our Boot Exchange policy means that we can support players with access to low-cost equipment such as boots and shin pads.

In the Community

Our goal is to be a community asset for the Children and Young Adults of Fairford and beyond. We are a registered charity and our Club is an open book – we will endeavour to be open to parents, carers and guardians. Child Welfare officers are easily contactable, and complaints will be dealt with fully. Any concerns over conduct will be fully investigated.
Our AGM is open to all and anyone can offer to join the committee, either in a footballing or non-football capacity. 

Should you have any questions, please feel free to email us