The club prides itself on providing football for all ages and both sexes. This has resulted in running up to 9 teams each season. It is the clubs aim to set up a new team each season for the under 7 age group. It is then hoped that this team will continue through the age groups into senior football.

The club will hold mini-soccer coaching sessions, free of charge for 5-7 year olds, beginning in May each year. The coaching sessions to be held at the Horcott Road pitches. The sessions will be publicised through local newspapers (The Standard and What’s On’), and also through posters and flyers distributed to the local schools. Posters will placed in shop windows, local businesses and sports/community centres. Where possible coaching sessions will be held at local schools.

Under 7s in Friendly Action
Under 7s in Friendly Action

The club recognises that for a new team to flourish, it requires dedicated volunteers and parents together with support and organisation. Foremost, the team will require a coach.
The coach should have a level 1 FAcoaching qualification, or be willing to attend the course at the earliest possible opportunity. The cost of the course to be borne by the club. New teams will receive the full backing of the officers of the club. All new and potential youth team managers will be fully vetted by the club committee. This will involve obtaining two independent references and also asking the individual to appear before a club committee meeting. Only after this procedure has been followed to the satisfaction of the club committee will that person be allowed to organise, coach and run a youth team.

Safeguarding Children
It is our main priority is the welfare and safety of our children. Please see our safeguarding children and CRB policies.

New Team Structure
A team cannot be run by one person alone. There needs to be a structure that will not only help share the load, but also to fill in when someone is not available for coaching or games.

The team should as a minimum be structured as follows;
One main coach
Assistant coach
Good to have would include, a first aider (the coaches should also be qualified), team referee and kit washer. Kit washing can also be shared amongst parents. A match reporter who can prepare and send a match report to The Standard.

It is the clubs policy that every player shall have a ball to train and be coached with. Therefore each new team will be provided with a football for each player. One new match ball per season will also be provided. Each new team will be provided with a first aid kit.

The new team will also have access to club equipment, such as goals, cones, ladders, poles, passing hoops etc.
Items such as training bibs, further training balls, water bottles and replenishing first aid kit will need to be purchased through team funds.

In an ideal world, every one of teams would have their kits sponsored and paid for. Where this is not achievable, the club will supply the kit. During the course of the season, replacement shirts, shorts and socks will need to be paid for through team subs. Players are required to wear shin guards and suitable footwear for training and games.


Once the new team is under way, they will be entered into the North Wilts Youth and Minors League. Subs are charged to each player for training sessions and also match fees. An account should be set up for the new team, with two signatories. The remaining money from the match fees, after any payment to a referee has been made, must be paid to the club treasurer. Any monies received through training subs, remain with the team. This can then be used by the team to but further training equipment and clothing as well as team outings.
If a team disbands, any monies remaining must be transferred to the club
New team managers are encouraged to join the club committee and take an active part in club life. Full support is given to new teams. This includes facilitating entry into local leagues, arranging fixtures and ensuring they have satisfactory kit and match